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  1. Our IT Manager is, on behalf of Align Racing UiA, responsible for safe and lawful processing of personal information.
Storage of personal information
  1. The following personal information is stored about our sponsors and partners:
  2. Contact information such as: Name, Address, Phone number and e-mail address.
  3. Names and e-mail addresses for our newsletter subscribers

Furthermore, we store and analyse statistics and behaviour patterns on our website and newsletters, i.e. information on navigation throughout the site and newsletter.

Purpose for processing such information
  1. We process the information to fulfil our obligations to our sponsors, partners, suppliers and members. We also use the information to provide you with information about what is happening in the organization with for example newsletters. Through services such as MailChimp, we can see whether stakeholders have opened the newsletters and clicked on links. This is done so we can provide you with the information you are interested in. We also receive such indications on our websites, for example from contact-forms to answer questions from our stakeholders. We will not use personal information for any purpose other than the intended purpose listed above.
Treatment of information
  1. Information about name, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are used to fulfil cooperation agreements, c.f. Privacy Regulations Article Art 6 (b).

Where you have consented to it, personal information and behaviour patterns are used to provide you with the most relevant content about the organization. The basis of this consideration is the Privacy Regulations Article 6 (a).
You may withdraw your consent to such use at any time.

Obtaining personal information
  1. We store personal information from our collaboration partners associated with start-ups of cooperation agreements.   
We store the personal information you have provided in connection with the start-up of a cooperation agreement.

We store the personal information you have provided in the form on our website with the purpose of registration for monthly newsletters. This is also done with information given when filling out the contact-forms on our website (name, e-mail and the written message).

Disclosure of information to third parties
  1. We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose any personal information unless we are legally obliged to do so.
Deletion of personal data
  1. Information we have received in connection with entering into a cooperation agreement is stored in our systems for as long as the agreement is valid and for two years after the agreement expires. Information we are obliged to preserve in accordance to the Accounting Act, will be stored for up to five years, in accordance with the requirements of the law.
Upon request we will delete personal information. It is also possible to unsubscribe to our newsletters or status-reports directly in the email received.

Your rights
  1. We process your personal information in accordance to the Personal Data Act and applicable regulations. You can at any time request access and transfer of your personal data, as well as modifications or deletion of your information. It can be appealed to the Data Inspectorate for processing in violation of the rules.
Information Security
  1. We secure your personal information through both physical and virtual access and access controls, as well as by encrypting sensitive parts of the information provided.

Contact Information

Any questions about information stored, corrections and modifications or deletions can be sent to the following addresses:

E-mail: IT department

Postal Address:
Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad
C/O Align Racing UiA

Align Racing UiA
Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

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